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Cardano (ADA) Token Tracker on BscScan shows the price of the Token $0.00, total supply 36,400,000, number of holders 1 and updated information of the token. The token tracker page also shows the analytics and historical data The Address 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead page allows users to view transactions, balances, token holdings and transfers of both BEP-20 and ERC-721 (NFT) tokens, and analytics. BNB: $347.91 (+1.10% Bech32 or Segwit Address Format (addresses start with bc1) Example for BitcoinCash (BCH): P2PKH or Legacy Address Format (addresses start with 1) P2SH or Compatibility Address Format (addresses start with 3) Cash Address Format (addresses start with bitcoincash:) Example for Cardano (ADA): Byron Address Format; Shelley Address Format (BECH32

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  1. They have basically said, it is not a Binance address, even though they are a CEX, the address is on BSC and the funds cannot be frozen (This recent thread may contradict this statement unfortunately: https://www.reddit.com/r/binance/comments/nvlkk6/stolen_funds_sitting_in_binance_wallets_and_no/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)
  2. You can view it under Binance Smart Chain, to see it please make sure you've added BSC manually or using chainlist.org. After your custom BSC network is added please add Cardano BEP2 ADA as a custom token. If you like to swap it to another token please check MetaMask native swap feature or PancakeSwap. You can send it to the exchange if you like to withdraw it
  3. Please ensure that you do not input an ERC20 address as a BEP20 withdrawal address. Please do NOT deposit via cross-chain transfer from Binance Chain directly into the BSC deposit address. It will not be credited to your account. Please make sure to select the intended network when trying to deposit and withdraw each asset
  4. Oftentimes, the new address is forgotten on reboots, so you have to de-power all the other similarly-addressed devices while you do so. You can use an I2C multiplexer like the TCA9548A (https://adafru.it/y6b) which will let you use one I2C address to talk to the multiplexer and tell it which line you want to enabl
  5. The Contract Address 0x3ee2200efb3400fabb9aacf31297cbdd1d435d47 page allows users to view the source code, transactions, balances, and analytics for the contract address. Users can also interact and make transactions to the contract directly on BscScan
  6. Correlation to Bitcoin (BTC) of Cardano (ADA) and Altcoins. What is the interesting part is that we do not care if correlation is negative or positive, because it is still correlation, so all the results are absolute values. Also, you can see that Cardano (ADA) had really brilliant months compared to other cryptos. June numbers are too small to take into account, but I still added them because they are the closer to date and they are really valuable to asses today's market situation. Also.

When BSC main net was launched, the Trust Wallet added support for the network. Users can send and receive BNB using the Smart Chain address in the Trust wallet. Altcoin Buzz has already published a detailed user guide on Trust Wallet installation and usage. Please refer to them and install the wallet if you do not have it. If you have the wallet application installed, please make sure to update the application with the latest version On Binance scan explorer you can find the full list of Binance pegged tokens (BEP 20) and their contract address. Bsc Scan: https://bscscan.com/tokens/label/binance-pegged. These tokens are currently traded on Binance and Binance DEX. You can transfer to and from Binance.com and can swap it for their native assets anytime Enter the address of the recipient to process the Cardano - PancakeSwap (BSC) transaction. Check the rate: how many ADA in PancakeSwap (BSC) you'll receive. Confirm the transaction, make the deposit, and you've converted 1 Cardano to ADA! Exchange NOW TOKEN ADDRESS: 0xB1035523a844371C2877f8a3b2F2f8d337403b6F LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT Now that our presale has sold out, we're scheduling our launch for June 7 2021 @ 7:00 UTC at the end of the timer visible on the dxsale presale page, as long as we have hit 5000 telegram members by that point This function will import instantly all transaction of a Cardano address into your CoinTracking account and will also add all future transactions of this address. Create a new transaction job: Your ADA Address: Import incoming and outgoing transactions. Import incoming transactions only. Import outgoing transactions only

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The Contract Address 0x8ADa563AbF4594Be616095f6F7BF3deb5a99aF6c page allows users to view the source code, transactions, balances, and analytics for the contract address. Users can also interact and make transactions to the contract directly on BscScan I can not send ADA, and my DOT will not even show up on Atomic Wallet. I have $6k with my Atomic ADA address, and $3k sitting on the address associated with my DOT on Atomic wallet. I have verified this, it shows it on the blockchain. BUT, With ADA, the funds simply do not show up on any other wallet than Atomic. However, as mentioned - it errors when I try to send it. Can't send ADA now. I tried all steps. Reset VPN, turned on / off, tried again later, etc. Nothing works. When I try to. Label Cloud. Binance-Peg. Tokens that are wrapped and pegged by Binance on a 1:1 ratio to the corresponding native token. Also supports BEP20 token deposits and withdrawals at Binance.com. A total of 43 Token Contracts found. Processing... #. Contract Address. Token Name BA / BSc: Pakistan Studies (Group-I) Comp: ADA/ADS-I: Pakistan Studies (Group-I) Comp: Time: 2:00 pm: BA / BSc: Pakistan Studies (Group-II) Comp: ADA/ADS-I: Pakistan Studies (Group-11) Comp: 30-07-2021 Friday : Time: 09:00 am: ADA-I: History: I: BA: History: A: ADA/ADS-I: Statistics: I: BA/BSc: Statistics: A: Time: 2:00 pm: ADA-I: Journalism: I: BA: Journalism: A: BSc: Zoology: C: ADS-I: Zoology: I-A: BSc: Physics: B: B.Com-

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There is a 15% tax on each transaction 6% Ada reflection 6% Auto LP that get autolocked into the contract. 3% Burn. Ada can be claimed either on BSCscan or by sending less than 1 EADA to any address (set gas limit higher if it fails) LP are locked into the contract. This is a experimental token, dyor The BSC work surface must be from 28 inches (710 mm) to 34 inches (865 mm) high. Table 3: Comparing ADA compliance among four commonly used BSCs. For the most commonly used BSCs, a manual or electricpowered adjustable stand provides maximum flexibility for setting the height to accommodate the wheelchair in the space under the cabinet. The advantage of using an electric adjustable-height stand in the lab is that the working height of the cabinet is infinitely adjustable (within the. Disabilities Act (ADA) are becoming increasingly important topics in the design of the biological safety cabinet (BSC). Ergonomics and ADA compliance have not yet been described in a thoughtful or meaningful way for users of the machine and therefore are not well understood. the BSC for the height and reach of the various people wh Here is the address of the SaTT BEP20 contract: 0x448bee2d93be708b54ee6353a7cc35c4933f1156. ATTENTION: NO OTHER CONTRACT ADDRESS IS VALID, CHECK CAREFULLY BEFORE ANY ENTRY! WE CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ERRORS ON YOUR PART! Click on Smart Chain a. Paste the contract address above b. Enter the name SaTT BEP20 c. Indicate the symbol SaTT d To find the contract address all you need to do is: Open the BSC token list and find the asset you accidentally sent to and click on it. Under Profile Summary in the top right you will see Contract, please copy the contract address. 10 Now back in Metamask just paste in the contract address (the rest of the information should appear by itself)

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I'm trying to transfer my ADA to MyEtherWallet, but first I have to request the token. It asks for the Cardano contract address and number of decimals. Can someone help me out here? Thanks. ADA Contract Address. English. General Discussions. cardano. panapal 9 November 2018 18:40 #1. I'm trying to transfer my ADA to MyEtherWallet, but first I have to request the token. It asks for the. ADA; BNB; BSC; DASH; DOGE; EOS; ETH + DEX; LTC; XLM; XRP; ZEC; 200+ more Altcoins; Complete ETH Transactions Importer. Imports DEX transactions and all token balances provided by Etherscan. If for some contracts trades can be not matched, they will be imported as deposits/withdrawal. Import all transactions of an Ethereum address This function will import all transaction of an Ethereum address. The Address 0xfcc35ce598829605b8c106d8d8656610551c275e page allows users to view transactions, balances, token holdings and transfers of both BEP-20 and ERC-721 (NFT.

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There are four types of wayfinding signs: identification, directional, informational, and regulatory. They are designed to help you find your way between place Your BSC address begins with 0x, like an Ethereum address. While you're in the same account on your Binance extension wallet, switch over to the BSC, and click receive to copy your BSC address. How can I track transactions of a wallet in the bsc network instantly? (I am thinking of using web3 js.) I don't want to do it with the api on BSCscan. As far as I know, it does not show it instantly Cardano (ADA) is one of the fastest-growing blockchain assets in the crypto space, which is attracting new investors. Moreover, it is among the very few blockchains that are being used by enterprises and government bodies. Today, we will examine Cardano and its third generation blockchain and examine a few compelling reasons why you should be interested in this project Because one such Ethereum killer exists in the cryptosphere right now, and it is called - Cardano (ADA). Therefore, it is on my list of cryptocurrencies that will survive in the next 5 years. For those of you who don't know Cardano, it is a blockchain 3.0 platform for hosting smart contracts and DApps that promises to be more scalable, governable, and interoperable than Ethereum. Anyway, I.

While the smart-contract enabled BSC sees itself as a bit of a competitor to the ecosystem's largest blockchain, Ethereum still undoubtedly has the most powerful network effect. It remains to be seen whether perceived flaws such as high transaction fees will be the ultimate deal-breaker or not. In which case, the tide could turn in favor of the Binance dual-chain use case Connect to a wallet. Swap Pool. Fro Data compiled by analytics tool CryptoDiffer shows Cardano (ADA) leads the pack when it comes to staking. Figures show users staked $28.95 billion on its platform. This manages to pip Polkadot (DOT), which comes in at $25.43 billion.Over a third of all staking in the crypto sphere is accounted for between the pair

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ADA regulation and compliance does not have to be a complex territory even though it is not building code. Under the ADA not all fixes issues have to be addressed. If something is too expensive, it doesn't have to be done. Thus, the easiest to address violations are often the subject of drive-by litigation. This chart shows three situations. Flip CAKE, collect SYRUP and stake them with Pancake Swap, the best decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain

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: Verified contract source: : No prior similar token contracts: : Source does not contain a proxy contract: : Source does not contain a pausable contrac : Verified contract source No prior similar token contracts: There are highly similar contracts that were deployed prior to this one. Cloned contracts may indicate a low quality token (e.g., pump & dump) unless there exists an offering other than the token itself Editor in Chief. Matthew C. Riddle, MD Oregon Health & Science University Portland, OR Matthew C. Riddle is Professor of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Clinical Nutrition at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon Mdex BSC is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Singapore. There are 70 coins and 677 trading pairs on the exchange. Mdex BSC volume in the last 24 hours is reported to be at ₿14,893.55. Mdex BSC is established in year 2021. More information about Mdex BSC exchange can be found a you already know what Cardano (ADA) is, as we will not be discussing about this cryptocurrency in this article. you already own ADA, or know how to buy it from an exchange like Binance. you know how to withdraw or transfer cryptocurrencies from one address to another. you know the basic operations of your hardware wallet

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The ADAAA, however, amends the ADA by giving a broader definition of major life activity that includes seeing, hearing, eating, sleeping, walking, breathing and thinking. Importantly, the term major life activity now also includes major bodily functions, such as immune system functioning, normal cell growth, and endocrine and reproductive functions. Additionally, an individu ADA Public Suggestions, Accommodation Requests and Complaints. To make a suggestion, an accommodation request or a complaint regarding a county program or service and the disabled contact the Ombudsman. Telephone: (803) 929-6000 TDD: (803) 576-2045 Email: ombudsman@richlandcountysc.gov Fax: (803) 929-6009. Mail: Richland County Government Attn. There have been indications that smart contracts will notably boost Cardano blockchain competitiveness once implemented. A Cardano (ADA) Launchpad is already experiencing a notable surge before the official launch of smart contracts on the blockchain. As reported by Daily Hodl, CardStarter (CARDS), a Cardano project accelerator, has surged over 40,000% since launching in mid-April 2021 editions will be more effective. Address written comments and suggestions to: Mia Marvelli, Executive Director . California Building Standards Commission 2525 Natomas Park Drive, Suite 130 Sacramento, CA 95833 Comments and suggestions may also be sent by email to cbsc@dgs.ca.gov Compare all cryptocurrencies against each other. BSC Station (BSCS) vs. Polkadot (DOT

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TRON is an ambitious project dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet. The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain based operating systems in the world, offers scalable, high-availability and high-throughput support that underlies all the decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem View Ada Felix, BSc,MBA'S profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Ada has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Ada's connections and jobs at similar companies Address:XXXX. Resume for IT Freshers - Sample 2. Ganesh (B.E. in Information Technology) Mobile: 91-98XXXXXXXX E-mail: ganesh.XXXXXXXX@gmail.com. Career Objective. Seeking the position to utilize my skills and abilities in the Computer and Information Technology industry that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible. Education Qualification. Diploma in Java. Instantly exchange Pancakeswap (bsc) at the best CAKE exchange rate on ChangeNOW. Get Pancakeswap (bsc) price in USD, charts, top crypto to exchange, learn how to buy & sell CAKE coin Ada received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. She holds an MSc in Economics and Finance from the University of Warwick, U.K. and a BSc in Economics (First Class Honours) from the University of Hull, U.K. Ada is a 2016 Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and an Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow. She serves on the AfDB President's.

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  1. Change of Address Form - used for a change physical or mailing address. Businesses that have moved into or within the non-city areas of Richland County will also need to complete the following form(s). Clearance Form - required for a change of location, to obtain approvals from applicable County divisions and departments to operate at the new location (in Richland County but outside city.
  2. Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the world, containing over &1 million records about 10,000 species and 22,000 subspecies of birds, including distribution information for 20,000 regions, taxonomy, synonyms in several languages and more
  3. s read Image by: JESHOOTS- Unsplash. A report by Messari researcher Roberto Talamas explores the performance of the most important cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem wars. From Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, DeFi seems to be moving from a.
  4. The White-breasted Cormorant (Phalacrocorax lucidus) is much like the widespread Great Cormorant and if not a regional variant of the same species, is at least very closely related.It is distinguished from other forms of the great cormorant by its white breast and by the fact that subpopulations are freshwater birds. Phalacrocorax lucidus is not to be confused with the smaller and very.
  5. Available as a browser extension and as a mobile app, MetaMask equips you with a key vault, secure , token wallet, and token exchange—everything you need to manage your digital assets

That is, the early 2022, will see an ADA price between $2.288 to $2.531. If more celebrities address the environmental costs of crypto monsters like Bitcoin, Cardano price will eventually surge and even smash new ATH at $5.13, as ADA will act as a golden alternative and many people will begin investing in this token Dr. Ada Ho, MD is a Pediatrics Specialist in Chino, CA and has over 15 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from University of California School of Medicine - San Diego medical school in 2006. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Ho to book an appointment

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This enables Nimbus users and liquidity providers to use the same ETH wallet address while interacting with the Nimbus Platform and all our functionalities on both BSC and Ethereum. That's why you will still have access to all the same Nimbus functionality, and there won't be any lengthy transitions or inconveniences. All you need to do to get started is let your MetaMask work with BSC. BSC Students Attend 12th Annual HBCU Foreign Policy Conference. On February 25-26, 2021, four BSC students—David Buss, Clayton Chenard, Carly Helton, and Lisa Rasnick—and one faculty member, Dr. Colin S. Cavell, attended the 12th Annual U.S. State Department Foreign Policy Conference. Though normally held at the U.S. State Department in the. BSC YB Frauen: 0 0 (0) Nationalmannschaft Jahre: Auswahl: Spiele (Tore) 2: 2004-2005 Schweiz U-19 13 (18) 2006 Schweiz U-20 5 0 (5) 2004- Schweiz: 79 (10) 1 Angegeben sind nur Ligaspiele. Stand: Saisonende 2016/17 2 Stand: 22. Juli 2017 Vanessa Bürki (* 1. April 1986 in Grenchen) ist eine Schweizer Fussballspielerin. Karriere Vereine. Bürki begann zwölfjährig beim FC Wacker Grenchen. How to Download UOS Roll No Slip ADA ADS ADC BA BSC Programs. Sargodha University Roll Number slip get here website link is given at the end just one click on it to open the main website of this institute. After this, a new webpage will be opened showing the result. Here provide your roll number or name and search result. The annual exam is starting from 02 nd July 2021 Friday. Candidates must.

@KokomoSwap Lets join bruhh @tienkella2017 @tienkell2016 @lehai06781243 BSC address : 0x9D30B4Cb4C23B59Ac383472D97bAc0Db855c55D3 $BSC $DGB $ADA $XT Shiba BSC (SHIBSC) vs. Uniswap (UNI) Compare all cryptocurrencies against each other. Shiba BSC (SHIBSC) vs. Uniswap (UNI) Coin Time Machine. Performance; Compare; ATH; Best Crypto. 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010. Worst Crypto. 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010. Yearly High Low. 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010. If so, go to Binance > Deposit > ADA > Choose BSC network (for the deposit) and obtain a deposit address. You will need a little BNB in your BSC wallet for gas and then send the pegged ADA back to Binance. From there, use the Cardano network to send this ADA to Yoroi, Daedalus or your Cardano wallet of choice, (as you probably should have done in the first place) Cardano Token (ADA) ERC20 Token in Binance Smart Chain Mainnet. Token is implemented as ERC20 smart contract with address 0x3ee2200efb3400fabb9aacf31297cbdd1d435d47 Transfer BNB to other Binance Smart Chain address. Log in to your MetaMask. Click on Send button. Copy the receiver's address in the box. Input the amount. Go to Advanced Options to modify default gas price when necessary. Confirm your transaction, then click Next. Click Confirm to send your transaction. Wait for your transaction to be.

I2C address to talk to the multiplexer and tell it which line you want to enable Since we deal with so many I2C devices we thought it would be handy to have a table with all the most common sensors and modules we encounter, and their I2C address! Continue onto the next page to see our current lis Venus ADA (vADA) ERC20 Token in Binance Smart Chain Mainnet. Token is implemented as ERC20 smart contract with address 0x9a0af7fdb2065ce470d72664de73cae409da28ec Binance Bridge. The safe, fast and most secure way to bring cross-chain assets to Binance chains. Introduction video. View Proof of Assets User Guide. Daily limit ? per address ( Switching to BSC-based decentralized exchanges has become a no-brainer for me. This is due mostly to the high cost of doing business on Ethereum, among other reasons. In this post, I will be sharing with you the top 5 decentralized exchanges on BSC. The major appeals of using these platforms for your trading and yield farming is that they offer

Looking for the definition of ADA? Find out what is the full meaning of ADA on Abbreviations.com! 'Americans with Disabilities Act' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource And because the fees are extremely low and transactions very fast on BSC, Previous Cardano (ADA) price prediction: Is $20 possible by 2025? Next How Layer 2 solutions are solving blockchain scalability problems. Related Posts. My Publish0x Earning Report for The Past 8 Months. July 20, 2020. PancakeSwap (CAKE) fundamental analysis and price prediction 2021-2025. March 15, 2021. Top 3 Best. Email Address. New Password. Confirm New Password. RESET! 193404. Registered Users. 15472300. Games Played. 45632.9. Binance Coin Won By Users. Free Binance Coin Faucet Features. FREE Binance Coin Every Hour Get Free Binance Coin absolutely free every hour by playing a very simple game and you can win up to $300 in Free Binance Coin! With a click of a button your wallet will be rewarded. How to get the Private Key This guide will explain how to recover your funds when you have sent it to the wrong network. For example, you have sent or withdrawn VET, CLO, etc. to your ETH address or vice versa. These cryptocurrencies share a similar address format but they are already on different blockchains. That is the main reason why the funds get sent but are not shown on the app. Be.

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Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, and Mr. Beast, one of the most popular YouTubers, invested in an NFT marketplace called Refinable. Refinable is the first NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which has recently started to close the gap on Ethereum in terms of market valuation. The demand for Binance Smart Chain is. Campus visits are available on Weekdays, Monday-Friday (Bluefield Campus) 10AM & 2PM - (closed on weekends & holidays) A typical campus visit lasts approximately one hour and includes speaking individually with an admissions counselor and touring the facilities. Meetings with Faculty and/or Coaching staff are available upon request

Cardano users could earn 4.5% per year by staking ADA. Users can run their own stake pool or join an existing pool. Cardano's staking model is designed to avoid centralization. This news was brought to you by ANKR, our preferred DeFi Partner. Cardano has launched its Shelley upgrade, which introduces staking rewards for users who hold the ADA. DODO - Your on-chain liquidity provider. Create liquidity markets for free and customize your market making strategie Research and Innovation at BSC Colombo. Under LSC Scholarship and Research Policy framework, BSC Colombo Research and Innovation Hub as part [..] Read More; Reach us at. British School of Commerce (Pvt) Ltd Address: No. 19 Mcleod Road, Colombo 4, Sri Lanka Telephone: +94 11 2595922 Fax: +94112595919 Email: info@bsccolombo.edu.lk. Follow us o

Kewaunee Scientific offers furniture solutions across many industries: Research, Healthcare, Government, and more BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Digital Forensics is one of our highest-ranking degrees for graduate employment. Develop computer programming and database skills and expand your knowledge of computer networks, systems and the legal environment you'll operate in. Gain vital professional skills, such as using industry standard forensic and security. Keuntungan Penggunaan Balanced Scorecard. Article · July 24, 2015. Kelebihan dari penggunaan balanced scorecard (BSC) dibandingkan dengan sistem pengukuran yang ada sebelumnya adalah kemampuan BSC dalam mencantumkan aspek-aspek yang harus diukur oleh sebuah perusahaan agar bisa mendapatkan sudut pandang yang seimbang. Kelebihan dari penggunaan. Head of College of Humanities and Law. Dr. KWONG, T.M. (Associate Professor) 鄺子文博士 (助理教授) (副教授) MA, PhD Georgia; Hon. FHKIH. Associate Head of College of Humanities and Law. GITTINGS, Danny John (Associate Professor) 賈廷思 (副教授) BA Oxf; LLM Lond; Barrister of the High Court of Hong Kong; Barrister of Gray's Inn

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BSC 2010L Principles of Biology Laboratory I - 2 credits Laboratory for BSC 2010. Corequisites: BSC 2010 and CHM 1045. BSC 2011 Principles of Biology II - 3 credits The internal aspects of homeostasis, the inter-dependencies of specialized tissues and organ systems in the development of multi-cellular organisms, transport and absorption, gas exchange, body fluid composition control, hormonal. 6 . Da te ofB ir (M / C Y )7 G 8 Su bsc Idn N # M F 9. Plan/G o up N mbe 10. R elat i on s h pP rm y Su bc(C k x) Self Spouse D ep nd tO h r PRIMARY SUBSCRIBER INFORMATION 12. Name (Last, First, Middle Initial, Suffix), Address, City, State, Zip Code 13. Date of Birth (MM/DD/CCYY) 14. Gender 15. Su bsc rie Id nt f ( N o #) M F 6 .P l an/G rou p. Making everyday heroes more heroic. ServiceMaster Brands has been a leader in home services businesses for nearly a century and was founded as one of America's first franchise businesses. Scroll for More yg saya tau perspektif di bsc hanya 4 dan jika ada, bolehkan saya tau bukunya, biar saya bisa semakin mudah untuk mengerjakan skripsi saya pak terimakasih pak, mohon dijawab. admin . 08/12/2018 Reply. Untuk penambahan perspektif menjadi 5 atau 6 sah - sah saja, karena tolok ukur keberhasilan setiap perusahaan akan berbeda sesuai dengan visi dan misi yang telah ditetapkan, sehingga untuk. The first group meeting was held face-to-face at the ADA on July 17, 2019. It was chaired by Dr Mihiri Silva, paediatric dentist, and supported by Dr Mikaela Chinotti, dentist and ADA Oral Health Promoter. The meeting was audio recorded and transcribed. The working group was divided into four sub-groups an Mon, 19 Apr 2021 - 13:00. Archaeology is first science department with black staff majority. The University of Cape Town's (UCT) Department of Archaeology has marked a major milestone by becoming the first department in the Faculty of Science with a black staff majority. This follows the appointments of alumni Dr Vuyiswa Lupuwana and Dr.

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